Monday, January 02, 2012

Last Day of Vaca

Unfortunately, today was our last day of winter break. We did get lots done, including a trip to Sam's Club and JoAnn's to pick up some essentials.

Two things I grabbed at Sam's were baking soda and vinegar. I find the two of them to be great for lots of cleaning projects. I was totally out of baking soda and needed it for toilets and pans. I throw the baking soda in the toilet, squirt in some vinegar and let it sit. Then a good brush and it is all good.

I use it to clean my oven pans (the things that go under the burners, I suppose they are burner pans?) that are all caked on and grotty. It is like a miracle. You sprinkle on the baking soda and they mist or lightly spray with water. Let them sit overnight and Bam! They are gorgeous!

Thank goodness for baking soda!

I also am taking part in the 14 Day Challenge over at Ask Anna. Check it out!