Saturday, June 16, 2007

summer school, green living and bubbles

It is summer school time and I've spent the last week with a group of 24 thirteen-year-olds. They are the kids who struggle to get with it during the school year and just don't quite make it. They've been working diligently on creating a documentary-style biography of a person of their choice. It has been amazing to see this group of so-called misfits turn out work that is beyond my wildest expectations. Sure, there are kids who still don't care and who simply can't care because of circumstances beyond their control. But there are always those kids who shine and who are like little beacons of light, showing me that the rocky coastline of teaching is worth traveling.

I still have six weeks of summer school left though, so check back in with me at the end of July and see if I've crashed in the rocks or the crew has organized a mutiny.

This week has also been a big week for my husband who launched his new business, live green. He has been working hard, mixing up green cleaning products, researching ways to make people's living spaces cleaner and greener, and getting in gear to save the planet, one home at a time. I'm super proud of him and I highly recommend his services. I can safely say that our bathrooms are cleaner than they've been in years.

A good majority of the last month has been spent blowing bubbles. Oscar is a master bubble blower, be we are struggling with bubble solution. Any good tips or ideas for bubble solution that works but is also non-toxic? We also want to try out new bubble making techniques, but all we've seen are bubble guns which we aren't so excited about. Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated!

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Best Kind

So many times in my life, I allow an agenda to focus me. I do this because of this. I complete this because then it will lead to this. I make this so that I can do this with it. I've been realizing more and more that lately, doing something for some predetermined outcome takes a big chunk of the joy out of the actual creating for me.

Today, while Oscar napped, I sat down and made a little stuffed for someone whose birthday it is today. It was such a pleasure to just sit and create and think of her enjoying what I had created just for her. I wasn't thinking about anything but the simplicity of creating and doing beautiful work and knowing it will belong to someone who is special to me. It was just about transferring a little piece of me into someone else's life. To me, that is the best kind of crafting/creating/art.

Monday, June 04, 2007

At least I'm not putting on mascara while I chat on the phone...

My newest and most favorite thing that I've been busily creating is the Beatrice Agenda.

I was always standing in line at the market, sitting waiting for a film to start, driving to and from, and some inspiration, some creative tidbit would pop into my mind. I'd be at the local bookshop and want to scribble down the address of some must-visit website, but alas, all I had with me was gum wrappers and receipts. I was forever scrambling for bits and pieces to jot down ideas, creative concepts and the random thought floating around in my head. I looked around for something that I could easily carry with me that actually had enough room to write, could also hold a pen or pencil or two and would close even after I'd stuffed it full of assorted papers, receipts and other miscellanous objects.

I found nothing. So I started playing around with creating one of my own design. After much tinkering and lots of trial and error, the final product emerged: the Beatrice Agenda. Practical, pretty, and unique. There are several available in the shop.

Perhaps now I won't always be scrambling for a piece of paper, but rather scribbling down some important item while I drive. Makes you feel safe on the road, doesn't it?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shop Update

There are a bevy of new items in my shop (see sidebar to link there.) This is what I have been busy, busy, busy doing. I've also been busy ending the school year, planning for summer session and hanging with the coolest guy in town.