Monday, June 04, 2007

At least I'm not putting on mascara while I chat on the phone...

My newest and most favorite thing that I've been busily creating is the Beatrice Agenda.

I was always standing in line at the market, sitting waiting for a film to start, driving to and from, and some inspiration, some creative tidbit would pop into my mind. I'd be at the local bookshop and want to scribble down the address of some must-visit website, but alas, all I had with me was gum wrappers and receipts. I was forever scrambling for bits and pieces to jot down ideas, creative concepts and the random thought floating around in my head. I looked around for something that I could easily carry with me that actually had enough room to write, could also hold a pen or pencil or two and would close even after I'd stuffed it full of assorted papers, receipts and other miscellanous objects.

I found nothing. So I started playing around with creating one of my own design. After much tinkering and lots of trial and error, the final product emerged: the Beatrice Agenda. Practical, pretty, and unique. There are several available in the shop.

Perhaps now I won't always be scrambling for a piece of paper, but rather scribbling down some important item while I drive. Makes you feel safe on the road, doesn't it?

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