Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Repurpose: adapt for use in a different purpose

Inspired by all the wonderful creating going on at various sites around the blog world, I brainstormed (with the help of my smart and wordy husband) and decided it was time to enter the blogging world as a repurposer of sorts. I will share goodies I've created staying true to the idea of repurposing. I will share links to other cool repurposing people. I will share ideas/thoughts/brainstorms about how to use what we have rather than simply wanting more and more.

As I think about my young son, I also think about a world for him that is full of joy. And clean drinking water. I saw Jane Elliott of the famous blue eyes/brown eyes lesson and she kept saying she was angry and she was going to do something about it. Here was this pint-sized, 65+ year old woman who was doing something to change the world. What was I doing? I have good intentions about so many things and yet back it up with little action. Here is my calling, here is my chance. I must embrace this opportunity.

Let the repurposing begin!

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