Thursday, June 29, 2006

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (Sponsored by the Letter A)

Some things I love that begin with the letter A:
1. asparagus
2. antiques
3. authors: Aimee Bender, Amy Tan and Amy Bloom
4. aardvarks
5. acorns
6. Aimee Mann and AC/DC
7. Abominable Snowman (or Abomy as he is called at my house)
8. acrylic paint
9. adoption

And a few things I dislike that start with the letter A:

1. adult acne
2. adultery
3. acrylic fabric
4. algebra

I'd love it if you would share your letter A lists with me.


Jennifer said...

After agonizing altercations, an "A" accumulation appeared. I mean, I thought a long time and posted my own A list. What a lovely idea.

Jenn said...

how about "a bit of chocolate"...