Friday, September 08, 2006

Afloat on a Sea of Frosting

Cupcakes. I've been making them for two days. And frosting them for two days. Tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower for my sissy-poo and our dessert is looking a little sad. Who knew that frosting cupcakes was so hard? Is there some secret that I just don't know? Did I miss that day in junior high home ec and am I now rendered useless as a froster of cupcakes? Seriously, can anyone let me in on any technique or wrist-flick or magic voodoo that will make my frosting job look less smoosh and more whoosh?

In other news, Oscar loves dressing up like a girl. Earlier this summer, I put him in a dress I'd made from vintage sheets. Lately, he's been tying one on. An apron that is. He loves to put it on and do chores around the house. The kid loves vacuuming, sweeping, wiping up spills, and washing anything that will stay still long enough to be swiped at with a wet dishcloth. Here he is in his great grandmother's apron.

If only he could frost cupcakes...


Shannon S said...

I am not much of a baker myself. Oscar sure is getting big. What a handsome lad!

Anonymous said...

Um, I must confess...I just buy the Betty Crocker frosting. It's good, easy and loves to be swirled and fluffed. Although your frosting looks homemade and I'm quite sure will be most delicious.

Now about that Oscar. What a handsome young man in his fancy little to-do apron! How sweet!


African Kelli said...

If I were there I wouldn't be much help. Those look so good (and I'm avoiding sweets). I'd probably be eating more than I was frosting!

Nessie Poo said...

What a cutie! I'm sure Oscar would LOVE to help you frost cupcakes, if you would only GIVE HIM A CHANCE!

I'm sorry I don't write more often, but I love being able to spy on you via blog. Keep up the good work!