Monday, September 18, 2006

Repurposed People

Today I was driving home in the rain and I saw some people pulled over on the side of the freeway. It was a wet, cold rain and they were bundled up against the elements. And did I mention, they were on motorcycles? Now, do people just start out their lives as people who ride motorcycles around in the rain in North Dakota? Or does one have to repurpose oneself into a wet motorcycle riding someone?

I have repurposed myself. Many times. In big ways and in little ways. Divorce, haircuts, major moves and minor moves and back again. I have repurposed who I am into something new and different again and again. I've worn a Yamaha snowmobiling jacket and taught yoga (not at the same time, mind you!) My two favorite foods are fried cheese curds and sushi. My wardrobe includes Neil Diamond and Tori Amos concert t-shirts.

I've had the opportunity (and blessing) to be and know the many different forms of me that there are in the world.

I love reading blogs about people who are repurposing their lives. Whether it be a little metamorphosis like growing out their hair or big changes like the trials and triumphs of the whole reproductive process, I am enthralled and amazed and astounded by the repurposing that people do with their own lovely lives.

So for all of you who have moved from one country to another for love or changed your sexual orientation to match the person rather than the contents of someone's pants or parted your hair on the other side or danced like no one was watching when really everyone's to you. And to those of you who take the time to blog about it, to let me into your world, thank you. Thank you.

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African Kelli said...

I love this post in so many ways, but mainly because I've never thought about how I've "repurposed" my life until now. Thank you!