Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Keep Meaning to Post, I Really Do!

I mean to post. I really do. But then, I start reading all the other magically delicious blogs out there and I get sidetracked. I find a link in a blog I love to a new blog that I must then read from start to finish. Within that blog, I find a link to their Etsy shop and then, well, I am just a complete loss to civilization at that point.

What did I do over break? I spent it with this guy. Now you might think he is doing a reverse snow angel. But no, he isn't. He is swimming.

More soon about must-read blogs, crafty endeavors and macaroni and cheese recipes.

1 comment:

African Kelli said...

My kind of kid! Get rid of the snow and root for a pool. Maybe he's telling you he wants to move to AZ. You know, we swim here year-round! :)