Saturday, January 06, 2007


Do you ever feel discombobulated? I do. I feel especially scattered lately. I feel like I am searching for some sort of answer, some sort of focus in my life. Perhaps it is because this is the beginning of a new year. I have millions of ideas floating around in my brain and in my heart, so many things I want to do, see, read, taste, create, enjoy. The new year makes me think of all that I want to become, all the experiences I want to experience.

I feel like I have the energy and the passion to do something amazing with this gift of a new year. And yet, I can't quite wrap myself around what that thing is. So I'm going to just let things keep swirling around inside and hopefully the paths of this year will reveal themselves to me.

In the meantime, check out some of the beautiful people and sites that have added to the creative chaos in my mind:

Shim + sons


Jane said...


I enjoyed checking out your blog. I said a million times during the Christmas season..."after the New Year I am going to..." Here I sit on a beautiful Saturday, blogging. Not thrifting or crafting. Just kinda stuck not knowing which idea to do first!

Kelli said...

Aw, thank you Cricket! You are too sweet. And I'm sure you'll have your to do list ironed out before you know it. You are the woman who wrote a novel in a month after all.