Friday, August 25, 2006

Done and Done

I love making lists. Actually, I love crossing things off of lists. It runs in the family. My mother has been known to write down things after she has done them, just so she can cross them off of her list.

I had several things on my list to do before school officially starts next Tuesday.

Make a new fall purse
Sew a couple of new back-to-school skirts
Work on present for my soon-to-arrive neice or nephew

I can now cross each of these items off of my list. I actually made two bags...the outside is some cool barkcloth I got at Mill End and the lining is a repurposed vintage pillowcase with butterflies.
And this one with a mix of four different fabrics: three vintage reproductions and some of the vintage pillowcase from the first bag.
They are both soft and swingy and I plan to fill them up with knitting needles and yarn to knit scarves to keep everyone toasty this winter.

And I still had time to make another needlebook. It's made with vintage reproduction fabric, wool felt and a vintage button. This one will go in the Etsy shop soon.

Here's to having a productive day!

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Anonymous said...

re: your post about lists

hey there, you should visit to archive and share your lists...seems like you might like it!