Tuesday, August 08, 2006

From Beatlemania to Business Man

My baby's curls are gone. This is what happens when you let Daddy have the baby while you go shopping with your nieces. Daddy takes baby to the zoo and baby gets his first major "ouch" (as he calls it) when he falls and scrapes half of his knee off. Daddy then takes baby to the hair place and has all of baby's hair cut off. Daddy then surprises Mommy with all this news, making her cry at the mall.

He does look pretty cute with his business man haircut though, doesn't he?


laura said...

Your son seems to be older with his new hair cut. I like it, don't worry, the hair grows up quickly.

Jennifer said...

Lawd! He's not a baby anymore! He's so beautiful, CJ...good job.

Tenny G said...

Egad! He's a teenager! I have mourned every single one of Linus's haircuts--even when he has desperately needed one. These little peanuts always look so much older when they have grownup haircuts.

Try to look at it this way: Brady probably saved you from a very unpleasant fistfight with the innocent stylist who wielded the scissors.

Leslie said...

He does looks super cute! My baby (1 y/o) is in desperate need of a haircut too. . . but it's *so* hard to do!