Monday, August 21, 2006

Non Compos Mentis for Tablecloths

So I love tablecloths. Vintage tablecloths to be exact. So much so that I planned my wedding around them. Seriously. I knew that I wanted to use my collection (and having a reason to shop for more didn't hurt either,) so I went through my stash, found a predominant color theme, and here we are, two years later. As our anniversary was yesterday, indulge me by looking at some of my favorite wedding tablecloth shots. (More shots here.)

Here is a shot of all the tablecloths at the reception beside our house on Grand in St. Paul.

Mmmm....cupcakes and tablecloths. Delicious!
Notice how the food matches the tablecloths.
So what does one do with all of those tablecloths, you ask? Well, one thing I've done is make dishtowels. This works especially well with ones that have pesky stains on them from your wedding guests. I just trim out a dishtowel-sized, stain-free section, hem the sides, add a cute little ribbon hanger and viola! A lovely new dishtowel!


blair said...

I love what you've done with the tablecloths! I have several vintage ones that my husband really doesn't like (too frilly), making them into tea towels and dishcloths is an ingenious idea! I have made them into outdoor pillow covers in the past, but having them in my kitchen would mean I could look at them all year : )

Mollywogger said...

My mom would totally love you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! :) I absolutely love tablecloths as well. I mean, how can one pass up these beauties?! They are look perfect on the guest tables at your wedding and add the perfect amount of color. Cute dish towel idea too.

I was with a friend last fall and we shopped along Grand was amazing!

Thanks for sharing!


Jennifer said...

As one who probably caused at least one tablecloth stain, may I say that I think you're a genius. You do such creative, beautiful, purposeful things!