Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Modern Patchwork

Looking for the latest in patchwork fashion? Look no further. Found recently at the local thrift store, this gem of a book is full of bright, fun and "modern" patchwork. Strangely enough, the color scheme is the same as a quilt I am working on for Oscar. Perhaps I should use the fabric to make myself a new back to school skirt.

Instead, I think I'll make a cool new t-shirt like the brilliant one here from the lovely Wise Craft to add to my stash of back to school clothes. And one for Oscar, too. I think everyone needs back to school clothes. And this is a fun way to create something unique. I'm going to do it with an image from one of O's favorite books. Just trace the outline, cut it out of a cute fabric, fusible web it to the garment and stitch around. Blair at WC also makes the most perfect handbags on the planet and I am hoping we see some in her etsy shop soon. I think I may need one for my back to school pile.

Speaking of stitching around, tomorrow is another d-day for me. Or should I say e(embroidery)-day. Those crafty folks over at Wee Wonderfuls will be putting the adorable Stitchettes into the shop at twelve noon, Chicago time. I've got three alarms set and a stern warning into B that he'd better remind me or else. I just have to have them. I've got a long car trip coming up and nothing would make me happier than having these ladies along for the ride. So cross your fingers for me. And get one for yourself while you are at it!

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Jennifer said...

Seriously, I want that skirt. Will you make me one? I will...make you a large purple starfish. Huh? Will ya?

My e-mail has gone wonky, so if I don't get back to you like I should, know it's not because I don't love you. We must get together and soon, to make towel cover ups for our babes, if nothing else.