Thursday, November 30, 2006

29,836 + 30= One Crazy November

Wow. I can't believe it is Day 30 of NaBloPoMo. Thirty posts in thirty days. The time just flew by! Well, except for the few days I was too tired to post anything interesting or engaging. For you, those days were probably a drag.

I'd like to give a shout out to all the readers this month. Many days, the only little boost I get is seeing the dots on the map thanks to the tracking services of Sitemeter. That's right people. I'm watching you! I know I've got lots of lurkers and I hope eventually you will feel comfortable enough to post a comment. Even if it is just to correct a spelling error or point out my incorrect use of helping verbs.

And to some of the new visitors who have made their way here from the NaBloPoMo pink elephant search: Welcome! Hope you will continue to come back for more. I'm glad you're here.

And finally, a big thank you to Fussy. Without Fussy, I wouldn't have made it a daily habit to write. And without her and NaBloPoMo, I wouldn't have been reminded about that other Na thing that people do in November, National Novel Writing Month. And I wouldn't have completed a 29,836-word young adult manuscript without that reminder.

So thanks, readers! And thanks, Fussy! I'll make sure to mention all of you on the credits page of my novel!


Heidi said...

Wow! Congratulations on finishing your novel. That's huge. I like the tree, too.

Alexa said...

You did BOTH? My goodness, you astound me. Congratulations!

African Kelli said...

No way!! MY Gosh! Cricket, that is incredible. Good for you!