Friday, November 17, 2006

Crayon Love

Does anyone else love crayons like I do? The cracking open of a new box, the points all so neatly and evenly aligned, the rainbow of possibility just sitting there, waiting to be used?

I can't draw for shit, but I do love me some crayons.

Thankfully, Oscar is a fantastic artist and will at times spend hours with his crayons, drawing circles and other abstract shapes.

He gets his love of crayons from me.


Eren said...

We love crayons too! Youll have to check out a year of color over at She does a different color from the crayon box each week and posts a photo representing each. Really fun! Love your blog.

Jennifer said...

I love crayons! V just eats them still, but I love them! And I love and miss you guys! i really liked the photo of wee Oscar a few posts lovely. Why can't hospital gowns be prettier? I am feeling the semester pinch, with Thanksgiving just around the corner and the end of the term just a month away. Perhaps over our holiday breaks we can get together for hot chocolate or some such thing?

I think you're very brave for doing NaBloPoMo. Keep up the good work.