Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When Two Means Five

There are few cases in the world when two inches really means five inches. I know you are thinking perhaps of the example of some men's measuring abilities in regards to certain parts of their bodies.

What I am referring to is the two inches I asked to have cut off the bottom of my hair today. The stylist, or should I say, the hair cutter, must have been using the same "measurement" guidelines that some men use.

Aren't bad haircuts a bummer? Like today, I went in, all excited, ready to embark on the next phase of my life. The new haircut phase. The swinging, shiny haircut phase. The "Gee, My Hair Not Only Smells Terrific, It Also Looks Terrific" phase.

Instead I am in the "Crap, I Can't Even Pull This Into a Decent Ponytail" phase. The "I Guess I'll Just Use a Lot of Product" phase. The "Maybe I Should Just Go and Get It All Chopped Off" phase.

Why can't my trips to the salon be like it is for the people on "What Not To Wear" when the guy with the beard cuts their hair? Where the magic of face shape and hair texture and product mixed with the perfect cut and color yield dazzling and breath-intaking awe?

I had a haircut like that once. Her name was Brigette. She was my husband's before she was mine. She took a simple look from the Garnet Hill catalog and her shiny silver scissors and transformed me. Sigh.

That's what I want for the holidays. That slow-motion, hair-swinging high that comes from an incredible cut.

Because that is definitely not what I got today.


African Kelli said...

oh, darn it! That is such a bummer! Is it a cut that maybe could be repaired by someone else? I am so sorry Cricket. That stinks.
And you are having super cold weather right now too, huh? I saw the Dakotas were in the negatives last night on the news. Makes me wise not to complain about the cold in Phoenix!

BMT said...

Yuck!! I strongly dislike a bad haircut...I actually didn't get my hair cut for over a year because of that 1" =5 in hair cutters world..I finally found a great stylist (father of one of my son's classmates) He has to see me each morning in the school yard so he better do a good job!!! He recently cut off 13" at my request and I love it!!!

Vicki Knitorious said...

This reminds me of the time my sister got her hair cut... she kept asking people how they liked it and everyone's response was exactly the same: The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is one week. Very diplomatic of the respondees, but not the affirmation, or even the "It's okay," my sister was looking for. (And it was truly an AWFUL cut, in every sense of the word.)