Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Words I Love to Hate

(in no particular order)


What words do you hate?


Kate said...

Slacks!! Yep can't stand it either. It just says polyester to me.

Heidi said...

That's so funny! My sister hates moist too. I assume you really hate it, since you put it twice. I'm not that weirded out by words. But I know my sister also hates the word "Scrotum." haha. Not what it stands for the sound of the actual word.

African Kelli said...

MOIST! That is the worst word ever. Hate it. Isn't that funny? I think it is because of the shape of your mouth when you have to say it.

Mollywogger said...

Oh, gross. I've always hated moist. Another one that I hate now, thanks to tampons and vaginal suppositories, is "insert."

Anonymous said...

My Dad Tom was going to go shopping for slacks this weekend but caught the flu. Something tells me the rack of slacks will wait...