Friday, November 03, 2006

What I Learned in School This Week

1. Most 7th graders believe that homeless people are dirty old men who are boozers that love free Taco Bell meals and making cardboard signs.
2. Technology isn't really here to help us. It is here to make us insane.
3. Kids don't care how many times and how nicely you ask them to take their hats off in school. They are still going to forget (read: ignore) this rule every single day until they see you and hear you politely ask them to take it off. Then they will take it off until they think you can't see them. Students will even act as though you are invisible and that they are deaf to avoid removing their hats.
4. Exclamation points are cool!!!!!!!!!
5. Candy wrappers can magically materialize out of thin air, without any assistance from a human being.
6. Math facts are fun. I know this because it is Multiplication Month.

And yet, I will return on Monday, ready to teach, ready to make them laugh and learn and think about their worlds.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Dayngr said...

Life is beautiful. We learn something new everyday.