Saturday, November 11, 2006

Go There Now!

Here are some sites/blogs that I am loving right now...

Free Spirit This fantastic site belongs to Free Spirit Fine Quilting Fabric. Not only do they have a fabric gallery for perusing and a nifty way to make a list of your favorite fabrics to print and take to the fabric store, they also have a bounty of incredible quilt patterns...for free!

Hello My Name is Heather Everytime I visit Miss Heather's blog, my mind is blown. Beautiful colors, beautiful photos...and now, a beautiful line of fabric which will be available at a shop near you soon! Her fabric is distributed through Free Spirit (see above.)

Vincent Shoes Everyone needs shoes, right? If your little ones need something for their little feet, this is the place to go for the sweetest, smartest and most fashionable shoes.

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone has time for a nap!


Heather said...

Ooo, thanks Cricket. Love your name, btw.

blair said...

You have a new banner up, its perfect. And yes, time for a nap would be even more perfect.